Saturday, December 31, 2011

Portal: Golden Maverick

We're closing out 2011 with some shiny blasters, thanks to our recent submissions.  Spread the word and have your blasters featured here on the blog!  It's what we're here for!

Though I'm personally not a fan of "Dowse the blaster in one color" paint jobs, this Maverick that was given to Portal has that "Trophy" look to it thanks to the Golden paint job.  All it needs is a pedestal and you could give it up as an award of some sort!  It's not a perfect repaint, but it's still nice.  Portal had this to say about it>

"This is a golden spray painted maverick that a friend gave to me. You have no idea how cool it looks in person. It still has stock internals although I plan to change that. As it was spray painted the paint job wasn't done correctly. It serves its purpose but it needs to be refurbished. No areas were missed accept the barrel here. It's pretty cool. When and if I refurbish it it might have a little easter egg here or there. If I do that a little hint is that I got the new Zelda game game. Gold and Zelda equals awesome."

See you all next year!  Have fun on this last day of 2011!

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