Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Echo57: Minimized Nite Finders

Ah, the nostalgic feeling of our first mod. Whether they were successful or not, they certainly gave a sense of accomplishment. Not to mention, once you mod, there's really no going back to stock.

Both of the Nite Finders together.

Here we have two such mods based off of the lovable Nite Finder EX-3! This submission from Echo57 showcases his first set of modifications. Both are minimized versions of the blaster with paint jobs using Krylon Fusion paint. The black version is more heavily modified, with a marker barrel replacement and the removal of the front of the trigger guard.

Detailed look at the red version.

Both blasters have air restrictors removed and can fire distances of up to roughly fifty feet.

For first modifications, Echo's blasters are pretty solid. The paint jobs are really smooth and firing ranges are pretty great!

Let this be a message to new Nerfers and modders: don't be be afraid to send us your first creations!