Monday, December 19, 2011

TestamentSeven7: Maverick Mod

Another submission! Thisn's done by TestamentSeven7, just in case you have an irrational fear of titles and automatically skip them. ;0)
Also, just in case you have a strange aversion to photos along with your fear of titles, it's a Maverick, painted redn'black and with all yer yummy internal mods done an' the barrels separated.

TestamentSeven7 says,
"This maverick was a thrift store find, and was inspired by Drac's "Fanger" maverick, minus the LED's
The AR's and dart pegs have been removed, barrel drop mod, 3 pennies behind the spring, barrel separation mod, and black/red paintjob thats...fairly mediocre but i like it.

The tactical rail on the priming handle is unpainted, because it worked.  The barrel piece is also unpainted, for obvious reasons."

I like this blaster. The color scheme is a nice choice, and I really like the rings of red around each of the barrels. Nice job, Testament!

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