Monday, December 12, 2011

Ironjaw: CQB Raider

Shows how he got the stock attached. Very clean!
This is a pretty spectacular minimization by Ironjaw. The LongStrike stock is my favorite, so of course I absolutely love the stock choice and how he attached it.
The priming handle transplantation is very slick as well, and I'm quite amazed by how small this whole package is. Who knew you could cut down a Raider this much?

Over all, this is just a gorgeous mod. Excellent work, Ironjaw!

Nice view of the whole thing. It's a pretty lookin' thang, aye?

I also like the Bionicle pieces on the desk. It's a great toy choice. ;0)


  1. Thats extremely clean! Love the stock!

  2. That's a really clean mod. I love the look, but at that point why not just get a Recon? Wouldn't it be uncomfortable with the clip there if you use your left hand to prime it? It's redundant but really cool nonetheless :)