Sunday, December 18, 2011

Rolley: Custom Gear Up! Recon

While this wasn't officially entered, I thought I'd share something neat that I've found as well as a plug for a great blogger, Rolley.  He heads up Street Tag Warfare and has done something similar to my Yellow Longstrike barrel repaint to match his rare Gear Up! Series Recon CS-6.  In fact, I got the initial idea to do that repaint because of his Longstrike Barrel.  Not only is it nice rare proof of this blaster's existence, but it's a neat-yet-simple repaint of one piece that changes the whole look of the blaster.

I pulled these pictures from his Strikefire Review as well as his Gear Up! Recon review.  He's a great photographer and certainly has a knack for aesthetics, which I can appreciate.  That Longstrike Barrel is simple to repaint if you just remove the blue panels and paint them on their own.  These photos are just proof of how much potential it has to make any stock blaster unique.


  1. Though the colors don't exactly match, its still pretty cool.

  2. Great idea/mod/paintjob. Now if only the gear up! recon didn't practically not exist...