Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Warm Welcome to You

Modders, welcome to Universal Nerf.

“What is Universal Nerf?” is the natural question. Well, thankfully, I’ve got an answer for you. (Which is a good thing, seeing as I’m one of the Modmins.) Universal Nerf (UN, for those of you who are obsessed with acronyms—Oh, wait. That’s the entire modding community, isn’t it?), is the collaborative brainchild that was spawned from a series of conversations in the chatroll that lives in jerm781’s blog, Nerf Mods and Reviews. Basically, it was brought up that there are many flash-in-the-pan Nerf modding blogs, Here today, gone tomorrow, that sort of thing. Seemed like everyone wanted to show off their mods and become the next jerm781, or the next Drac, or the next (insert hero here). It was the common consensus that this was silly and sad, and there should be another way for all of these people to share their ideas. After some debate, it was decided a blog should be formed… Which seems kind of silly, right? Another blog, after all of the talk about how there are too many blogs? Th’thing is, this blog was planned to be a hub for all of those modders so desperate to show what they can do. A blog for the modders. A blog for you. This is a spot for you to show off your work, and get other modder’s feedback on it. It’s a place to show off your zany mods and discuss new ideas. A home for all y’all. 

“Whoa, cool! How does it work?” Haha, yeah, it is pretty cool. And it works pretty simply. You click the big, shiny submit button over on the right, and send us your awesome mod. We (the Modmins) will review your idea, and then, if it’s worthwhile (which should be pretty much everything), we’ll share it on the blog. Bam. Everyone gets to see your moddin’ skills, and tell you what they liked, whether they want to try/improve it, etc. Feedback and encouragement. Yummy.

“Modmin… You keep saying that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means.” Ah, yes. Modmin. Well, guess what? I am. Sorta. Modmin is a term for talking about MODerators and adMINistrators collectively.* Except in this case, mods and admin are actually the same thing. Another neat thing: it’s got a double meaning here. We’re modders too. We like to read about your work just as much as you like sharing it. So, yes. The Modmins. We’re here to read your stuff, then write up a post showing off your awesome modified Nerf blaster. We’re here to encourage discussion and quell dissention. To show off your extreme mod, that you put so much work into, and inspire feedback and constructive criticism. We wanna make sure your ideas are given some time in the limelight.

“Okay. So you keep saying ModminS. Who are the other ones?” Good question! There are three Modmin currently. Bazookafied, Jetcell, and yours truly, (although you can call me Triangle. Or, if you really want, Jo**). Yes. We are the Modmins. And we want to see your mods.
I’m sure ‘Zook and Jet back me up when I say:

Welcome to Universal Nerf.

*Bet you didn’t know that. I sure didn’t. I randomly combined the two together, and then looked it up later. Lo, and behold, it was actually being used by others on the interwebs. Go figure.

**No, that is not my real name. If you want the story behind it, feel free to ask. (It's not very exciting, though.)


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  2. Instead of making an email I'll just put links to some mods I'd like to see here in a comment.

    Also, there should be an official Nerf I.Q. quiz. Maybe you guys could just edit mine a little if you like.

    Thanks UN, glad to see the site's up :)

  3. Three Modmins is enough for right now; the site just started, after all.

  4. I think it's safe to say that all three of us would rather there not be people asking and pleading to be staff.

    Also, please e-mail your submissions. If you don't, we have no idea that you're submitting to us and we won't see them!