Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ironjaw: E-11 "Black Raider"

Here's another mod by Ironjaw, this time, an aesthetic mod! It's a very nicely done Raider, done in a weathered black, a scope attacked and foregrip removed... Just in case you've suddenly lost your eyesight due to very-nicely-painted-Nerf-blaster syndrome. It's been known to happen.*

Ironjaw says, "I don't do many large Nerf gun mods, but I have done my fare share of painting. I try to go for clean and simpler paint jobs, but I find the weathering an important part of showing the lines and curves of the guns.

I was really impressed with several painted raiders I had seen online, they reminded me a lot of an E-11. I decided I wanted one that was as close to an E-11 as I could get without any major modification."

Overall, this is a very well done paint job. Nice'n clean, and a good job on the weathering. The Raider really is a good choice for an E-11.

*Really! It's true. I promise.**

**Absolutely no guarantees guaranteed in this post.


  1. Though Im not a fan of painting a Nerf gun all black, I do like this mod.
    Very nice looking.

  2. Does he mean the E-11 stormtrooper rifle in starwars? If not it looks pretty good as one.

  3. I don't see what other E-11 he would be referencing ;)

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  5. That is beautiful. I've been wanting to buy one of the E-11 props for a while now, maybe I'll just copy this guy's style and save my money for something more LTX guns.