Friday, December 23, 2011

Icicle: Minimized Firefly

This was a giveaway on the blog "Tactical Tag" that was built by Icicle of Arctic Nerf.  The blaster has been cut down a bit and has incredible power.  Firefly's in general are excellent blasters, but the strength of 3 springs in there plus an O Ring seal improvement really punches those darts out there.  Icicle reports that it achieves ranges over 100 feet.  While the Minimization may not look like it removed a whole lot, retaining the stock on there helps the user hold it steady to increase accuracy.  Also, for those with bigger hands, the trigger grip can get uncomfortable, so I'm glad the minimization covered that issue.  More pictures after the jump!

Shell of the blaster
Improved O Ring Seal

AR's removed


  1. No i won that give away and it gets close to 60ft maybe? yeah that seems right but now 100ft.

  2. looks cool. i wonder how awesome it'd be with a nice paintjob. 100ft or 60ft fireflys are some of my favorite nerf guns.