Sunday, December 25, 2011

DarthRambo: Glitter Gun!

I can't say I've seen anything like this before, but Darthy has submitted a blaster that I think is quite festive!  Especially since it was made for someone else!

I made it for my sister for christmas.  This gun can shoot one dart by loading it into the front of the barrel.  You might be asking what that thing is coming off the barrel.  Well this gun shoots glitter and/or sprinkles depending on what the situation calls for.  The clear bottle unscrews and can be loaded with the particulate matter of your choosing.  
It works using the Bernoulli principal, deals with air flow mechanics and might actually be useful to nerfers in some way because shooting glitter is not.  Faster moving air actually drops in pressure when it is flowing freely.  This creates a vacuum in the barrel.  Hole in the top of the clear canister allows air to flow in as it is pulled by the vacuum.  The air forces the glitter up the tubing inside the bottle and up into the barrel where the air stream shoots it out. 
The dart gets ranges of about 25ft, The glitter gets about 6-8ft
So yeah this is pretty much just for lols
I'll say I'm a fan, especially considering the amount of know-how he has to build something that is, inevitably, silly!

Happy Holidays from the UN Staff!!  Keep those submissions coming!


  1. Nah, I'd prefer a double barreled rainbow gun.

  2. I posted the vid with it but realized I had never actually watched it. Was not expecting what I saw! What a fun blaster!