Wednesday, December 21, 2011

TestamentSeven7: Tactical Light

I've seen a lot of these done, but everyone seems to do theirs a little differently.  Here's TestamentSeven7's take on a useful-ified  Tactical Light.
"One day I had an idea, gut my recon tac-light and put in the parts from a gutted flashlight, it worked, but not well, and looked ugly from where I added an external switch.  The housing still bares that scar.
Recently I got a better ides, inspired largely in part by the Tactical Light Bazookafied gave away to a lucky winner not too long ago.
Instead of a gutted flashlight, it's a custom built light circuit consisting of 4, count them 4, High-brightness LED's from radioshack, soldered to a round pcb, also from Radioshack, and making the whole thing look as clean as possible, though it clearly still bares scars from my earlier work done to it.  The pictures don't do justice to how bright this thing is now, but I tried anyway."
And for additional Pic Spam of this fella...

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  1. You can tell how insanely bright it is by looking at how lit up the plastic shell is! That's awesome Testament!