Monday, January 2, 2012

Neo Creations: Steampunk'd Mav

Our first Steampunk submission is a Maverick, easily one of the most popular blasters to undergo this kind of treatment. It's aesthetics really lend itself well to it anyways. Neo Creations of DeviantArt has done a nice job with his! (note the barrel mod too!)  He has been doing steam punk paint jobs for a little over a year now and has over 40 completed blasters under his belt.

"I have removed the AR and done a revolver mod to extend it farther for easier reloading. I try to mod most of the guns I paint. My goal is to establish Neo Creations; my own little business for customizing nerf guns and other things. This includes steam punk paint jobs, but I also want to get into game type and movie replica and representation paint jobs. I have done one other maverick so far in a Mass Effect style, and loved the turn out."
Lookin good to me, Neo!  This Mav is just the tip of the iceberg for his creations though, so head on over to his DeviantArt channel and check them out for yourself!  

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