Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ice³: Magstrike attachment for Nerf Titan

Here's an integration you don't see every day.  A little ingenuity saved this Magstrike from the trash can. Ice³ has done some work to his Titan and Magstrike to have some unusual teamwork!
"As it turned out there was a leak in the connection between the pump and bladder (Of the Magstrike). I tried fixing it with hot glue and then later I tried epoxy putty. It still leaked. So I decided to bypass the pump AND the bladder. How? By using epoxy putty to seal an air hose into some CPVC. I then ran that hose to the trigger, and the trigger runs to the firing mechanism. The result? A full auto Titan attachment. I also attached my mini-longshot stock, it's much more comfortable."

1 comment:

  1. I love how this seems to have happened almost by accident. 'oh i have a leak. let's fix it.' *attatches to other gone* 'whole crap!'