Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bazookafied: Apocalypse Blaster

While not technically a Dart Blaster, it is still technically "Nerf", thanks to the Super Soaker line now being branded as such.  This blaster actually didn't take too long to complete and is non-functional.  It serves as a prop for my "Life after Humans" pictures.  Built primarily from a Super Soaker Rattler (2010), this blaster has 6 different colors of Krylon on it.  I also removed the front pump handle and installed a Maglite instead, as well as replacing the barrel with one from a Longshot Front Gun.  It's a fun little blaster and it's part of my photos that inspired me to start up the "Life after Humans" contest.

Head on over to Tactical Tag if you're interested in entering.  I figured folks who are fans of Nerf Modding could probably come up with some great entries for this contest, so this seemed like a great place for a shameless plug!

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  1. Hi bro can you please tell me how to find that voltage mod for a thunderstorm and if the drums are available ?? Please email me on