Monday, January 30, 2012

soloz1: Mc#'s overhauled AT3K

Here's something we haven't seen on UN yet: a non-modern modified blaster. soloz1 decided to completely gut his Air Tech 3000 from the popular early 2000's Air Tech series and fix it up.

The new internals feature PETG rebarreling (complete with the auto-rotation), a Hornet AS-6 air tank and tubing replacement, an improved seal, and a glued trigger spring.

The paint job was added after the original modification. soloz1 says this about the paint job:
The paintjob includes a black vinyl dye flat-black base coat, pink and green folkart detailing. Unfortunately, this blaster is no longer in service. I hope to revive this fun project one day.
It's a shame that his AT3K no longer works, as soloz1reported that the blaster's firing ranges were between 70 and 110 feet. Very very impressive! It makes me wish the blaster still worked.

You can read his blog post about the AT3K modifications here at Nerf Pause.


  1. Ranges were 110's. Lower 70's with "I don't like pain" oprv added to the pump.
    Thanks for posting this.

  2. I saw this thing when it was hitting those 110's. It was amazing.