Friday, January 6, 2012

Damon: Painted Mav

I didn't really have a whole lot to work with as far as material, but dang!  Who knew 2012 would be the year of the Mav?  It's even got that Green Tac Light (which I don't see much of these days).  Still, I liked this one enough that I thought it had to go up.  Plus we've never seen stuff from Damon before and I'm really kinda stoked he shares his Longshot project he mentioned.  I'll let the picture and his quote do the rest.
" first attempt none-the-less, hope you enjoy. I know my second one is going to be a Nerf Longshot (with a light strike assault striker for the insides...)" 


  1. Whoa. Especially loving the oxidation. You don't usually see that, and it really gives it a better-than-usual Steam Punk vibe. Awesome job!

  2. I love that sky blue offset. With a lot of Nerf repaints consisting mainly of just dark and grungy colors, having that blue in there is a huge breath of fresh air.

  3. Beautiful maverick right there. Great job! Never seen something like that before.