Monday, February 6, 2012

Peter Torres: Black Widow Longshot!

I'm not sure how all 3 of us missed this one!  Been in the inbox for over a month but STILL worth sharing! This one's a customized Nerf Longshot, and I must say I'm a fan of it.

If he's got any more of that red paint left, I'd put a "Black Widow" sign on it (the two red triangles that look like an hourglass) to really help sell the name on this guy, but it still looks great!  Here's what he had to say about it:

I just started modding Nerf guns and this is my first paint job I have done to a gun.  First I took it apart and modded the internals.  AR removal, new springs, padding the plunger...all that good stuff.  I wish I would have taken off the clip lock and the jam door lock but I can always pull it apart again if someone wanted.  I then sanded it down.  I spray painted it all black.  I decided to put a PVC barrel extension on the front of the gun so I glued that on to the attachment piece for some extra length.  I put PVC in the stock of the gun to help prevent it from collapsing.  After putting it all back together I liked how it looked but was not fully in love.  I was looking through my paint in my garage and found some red paint.  I love black and red together and think they look super sexy together...I decided to accent the gun with some red.  After it was dry I put my red dot on top (its a crossman red dot for an air-soft gun or something like that which is hot glued onto a mount for a Nerf gun) of the rail and chased my little brother around the house shooting him.  Good times :)

I really enjoyed modding this blaster and plan on doing more in the future!  

You can see more of Peter's work on his forum: Nerf Creations


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    1. Thank you very much imodify! That is actually my creation. I didn't have a blog at that time but it is truly mine. I love your blog and have been following your stuff for a while! Glad you like the mod/paint job :)

  2. Thats pretty good for a first time paint job, Props.