Monday, February 6, 2012

Bazookafied: Long Spectre Project

So I was patiently waiting for Wal-Mart to get off their cushy tooshies and release the rumored Whiteout Series Spectre, but I've grown impatient (not to mention come to the realization that it likely won't happen now) and wanted to get my snow-inspired Long Spectre up and running.  So... I DID!  Gotta say I'm happy with how things have turned out.  Though I didn't actually replicate the Whiteout logos, the effect of a white rifle-style Spectre is pure eye candy to me.

The "Long Spectre", as I've come to call it, also is a deceptively powerful blaster.  While most would see the barrel extension and assume that it gets poor ranges, the Spectre has more than enough power behind it's modified double-spring internals to sling foam well beyond the barrel so as to not have it impede range like they usually do.  The second spring sits inside the diameter of the stock spring and gets excellent ranges, comparable to a Nite Finder with an upgraded OMW spring.  I was surprised to see this powerful change and it easily established itself as a great looking blaster with looks to boot!
The Long Spectre, in it's Whiteout Series style, can be seen at my blog, along with a video covering it's functions and abilities. Visit Tactical Tag to get more of a look at this blaster!


  1. Very cool. You should really do a spectre for a giveaway.

  2. Wow.

    I've wanted a Spectre for a while but the rather high price, the fact that I rarely go to Walmart and the fact that I can't paint anywhere near as well as you all deterred me. Good job!