Monday, February 20, 2012

BullsEyeNerf: Stinger Pumpsnap

This is the first homemade blaster we've had submitted and, while I'm usually not a fan of these, it's got a nice paintjob to go along with it.  It even has a mounting point on the back for capturing footage during games.  Check it out!

In the yellow circle I'm eventually going to paint a killer bee.
I did it based off NerfOMania's design. Love the performance (about 100ft flat with domes.)
For my first time taping and using vinyl dye, I say I did pretty good.
It's also my first homemade. Awesome camera mount to capture war footage. 
It doesn't really shake when priming of shooting. 
It came out really nice and I'm proud. 
There is foam on the priming handle and trigger for comfort.
It uses a hopper or anything else you can use with a  PVC coupler.
Over all it turned out really cool. 
Remember, Patience makes Perfect!

Check out BullsEyeNerf's YouTube Channel while you're at it.


  1. Wow!. That is surprisingly good looking for a home-made. I usually don't like em cause they're so ugly, but that looks like something worth playing with.