Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Neo Creations: Longshot CS-6


Well. Here's one spectacular Longshot. Painted by Neo Creations, this puppy took over six hours of his life, and it shows. That metallic blue is a great choice, and the combination of that with the copper and steel looks fantastic. If you're curious about the inside, it has received the basic AR and dart peg removal treatment, fixing its horrible swollen AR problem (ARitis, if you prefer).

More pictures over on his blog. He's planning on putting it up on Ebay later this week, so if you really like it, consider buying it! (And you'll be supporting the arts!)


  1. Is that how you fix the shooting problems on the ls? mine will load fine but it will only shoot one dart then when i go to fire the second dart it goes pfhhhhh, then the dart falls out of the barrel

  2. I finally have this up on eBay for anyone interested.