Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Universal Nerf merges with NM&R!

We are pleased and excited to announce that while this blog won't see any further updates, we will be continuing our mission here at Universal Nerf at a much more visible home:  Nerf Mods & Reviews!  The modmin team from UN will be working with jerm781 at NM&R to continue to feature user-submitted works like we have done here.

Thank you to everyone who has submitted to this humble blog up to this point.  We have enjoyed featuring and sharing your works and we will keep this blog open to continue to feature those works.  Feel free to submit your new works to NM&R and the same friendly staff that worked for you here will get them loaded up on the international stage that this new home provides!  We are all so grateful for the support and interest you have shown to us here and we look forward to serving you at our new home!

Go to Nerf Mods & Reviews to submit your works to be featured!  Happy Nerfing!!

~The Universal Nerf Modmins

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