Wednesday, March 7, 2012

a Gray House - Custom Accessories: Modified tactical vest

This may appear to be an ordinary tactical vest. However, a Gray House has converted this vest to do more than just hold six dart clips, darts, and maybe a small pocket blaster.

We have a ton of pictures of this beast, so check out the details and images past the jump!

This thing went through some heavy surgery. All of the original straps and velcro have been replaced with larger and more adjustable straps to allow older Nerfers to fit inside the originally child-sized vest. There was also "Velcro applied to the adjustable portion of the strap and to the underside of the vest's shoulder, allowing loose strap ends to be tucked in and held in place."

There were also some additions of straps. One set was placed on the shoulders of the vest, which allows for the vest to carry around accessories such as "6 dart clips, 18 dart clips, Vulcan belts, N-Force Stonewall daggers and Klaw hatchets, and all sorts of things in between."

The shoulder harnesses can have a shoulder sling hooked onto it, which can help to "secure shoulder slings, assisting strap guidance during weapon movement and keeping it away from the wearer's neck"! Here we have a Rayven CS-18 on a sling, which is attached to the shoulder.

Finally, the last customization to the vest was the addition of clips to the bottom of the back of the vest. This allows for a Barrel Break IX-2 to be attached and hang at the user's side or back for quick use.

Let's not forget the original purposes of the vest! Those were left intact with the vest, meaning it can still hold even more darts and clips, or even a pocket blaster for backup.

While the original tactical vest still had its purposes, this upgraded and improved vest packs a much bigger punch. Perhaps Nerf will release a new vest with improvements like this for the new N-Strike Elite series? That's what I'm hoping for, because I would buy one of these suckers in a heartbeat.

Don't be overwhelmed, because we still have more custom accessories from a Gray House to show off!

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